World Youth Forum / WYF : Find out about it by five (5) simple questions

What is it?

Emerged from National youth conference, it became an international platform with thousands of youth exchanging ideas and dreams. Launched in 2017 by the idea: “We need to talk”, and initiated by H.E President of Republic Arab of Egypt ABDELFATTAH AL SISI. WYF aimed to support youth potentials. By the time, actions have been taken and realized so as results of WYF: lives of many youth have changed. They became a change maker in their society and contribute for improvement in their home country. The pillars of WYF are: “creativity, development and peace” (from WYF 2018, but we can add more, equality, unity, innovation, respect …).


It happens once a year but there is no such precise month, most often by the end of the year. This year was from 12th of December 2019 till 17th of December 2019. The application opens three to two months before the forum but you have to register on the official website ( first. The selection is mainly based on your personality and background (I think so).


The forum only take place in Egypt, all editions were in Sharm El Sheikh (Sinai Land, South part of Egypt). It is a fully funded opportunity but depending on your residence country if there is direct flight to Egypt or no, otherwise you have to move to the nearest country in which Egyptair operated flight to Egypt.


Many profiles from all countries in the world as WYF is an international forum. From the smallest (if I can say it like that) to the greatest … I mean, you can meet those who have not met yet such huge experience in their life especially as professional career (by the way, we still young and have time to achieve many dreams). Otherwise, those high qualified ones are young leaders, professional, business initiator and project manager… Some people came also as representatives of their organization mainly social and non-governmental.

But we have common interests and visions: changing the world (it sounds like an utopia, how could we?)… With a realist vision, it is about launching project and initiative, working on them, facing challenges and obstacles, realizing the change we were talking about during this forum and make a difference toward a better place to live for each other (much more possible, isn’t it?).



Through workshops, activities, discussion with panelists and speakers, sessions,  free talks, theater and arts … Arabic and English are the language used during the forum.

Many topics related to global problems and challenges in the world: Women Right, International Security, Artificial intelligence and technology, Digital transformation, Food Security, Industrial revolution, Education, Migration, Empowerment of disabled persons, Climate change and environmental issues…

Now, you have an overview of World Youth Forum. Feel free to read more about it on the official website and be tempted to be part of the change that you and we want for our life, country and world.

Mihaja Rasoanaivo

Raha hizara hevitra


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