World Youth Forum 2019: I attended, I participated and I’ve learnt

“The forum was not only an opportunity to meet people from all around the world, all gathered in such wonderful place in Sharm El Sheikh but I learned a lot from all activities I participated in.”

Differences between us (origins, background, fields in which we are specialized…) are the origin of many ideas, such wealth. I can say that it is one of reasons of the forum’s success as this year it was already the third edition. The secret is just about acceptance and respect each other especially their ideas and minds. Diversity is just richness.

All inspiring speeches made me speechless and surprised (in a very good way). Many people witnessed a lot of trials in their life but they have such amazing success stories (Jessica Cox, Halima Aden, Lizzie Velasquez… and many more but they were my favorites). This young and very positive cancer fighter: such lovely and wonderful Zein Youssef. I’ve learnt to be positive and go on even if it’s difficult I have to try my best. It was always on my mind to do so but I’ve never done. However, I want to make a change because no one will do that for me.

Creativity and innovation are occurring in our world and these are in the fastest way that I’ve never known before the forum. I realized how much inventions can change our lives (Artificial Intelligence/AI, Digital Transformation, and Robot like “Sophia” the famous one and incredible lady).

Hope for the future and a better place to live because everyone is consciously aware on the importance of an international peace and security. This is a key for the rest of achievements that our world needs: development, harmony, equality, unity, integration…

In WYF, an organization named “Helm” conducted a workshop in which I really enjoyed: “Enabling disabled person toward better world”. It was my favorite part during my WYF’s experience. Disability does not make a person vulnerable or weak; if it comes in your mind then it’s totally wrong. Human spirit, kindness, love, respect, courage, ideas, performances and much more qualities; disability (physically or mentally) could not steal them away.

Every day (during the forum), I wrote quotes that seemed too familiar but I really want to share as well as I can bring encouragement and positive vibes as they did for me:

“Just put your eyes on the final line that’s your goal.” 12.12.2019

“Don’t change yourself, but change the game.” 14.12.2019

“N. E. G. U. stands for Never Ever Give Up.” 14.12.2019, by Zein Youssef

“My humanity is much more important than my job.” 15.12.2019, and this one is by H.E President of Egypt

“Everyone has the ability to create changes.” 16.12.2019

“Success starts at the moment you start doing it.” 16.12.2019

“You are enough just being you.” 16.12.2019

“Use your platform to bring back especially anything good to your community.” 16.12.2019, and it was Miss Tanzania’s one )))

“Every day you should think how your talent will impact and make difference.” 16.12.2019

“We send to the entire world a message of LOVE and PEACE for better future.” 17.12.2019 and you may immediately guess who said it: H.E President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

Mihaja Rasoanaivo

Raha hizara hevitra


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