COVID ORGANICS – Malagasy remedy: Any remedy is better than no remedy

“The health crisis COVID19 has affected the whole world. Each country has mobilized efforts to find any remedy. Any remedy is better than no remedy, don’t you think so? Malagasy scientists have discovered remedy named CVO or COVID ORGANICS.”

The case for Chloroquine: Some countries are reluctant to use it as treatment just because it hasn’t been clinically tested. The rigor of any scientific and especially, medical research demands testing to evaluate the effectiveness and potential risks of these discoveries before they are established as truly effective remedies, which can then be distributed to the masses. That being said, many health professionals and researchers have touted chloroquine as a very effective way to treat Covid-19 symptoms. But, they have used this remedy in China and concluded that it is effective.

Madagascar approved to use it as treatment for the current cases we have, right under the WHO’s nose. The result is, zero deaths so far and 38 recovered cases. There’s not enough evidence, this is the only option we have right now to fight back. And because there is some evidence that it is successful, that’s enough to justify using this treatment.

The bottom line is, chloroquine is the only remedy we have so far, we know it works. Given that the whole world is in a crisis, we can justify its use despite lacking all the evidence. Let’s say someone breaks into your house by force and you have a weapon to fight back. Will you just wait and gather the evidence whether or not the intruder is there to harm you, or are you going to fight back? If you don’t have the option of fleeing the house, you most likely will fight back regardless of the chances of you wining or not.

CVO or COVID ORGANICS: Artemisinin (from Artemisia Annua), the active ingredient, is just a similar derivative of chloroquine, and also has very low toxicity and vastly used as a malaria treatment (Proved). Keep in mind that the others components of CVO were not released to keep the secret of our remedy so please do not try to abuse on this plant as you will take the wrong dosage or intend to plant it in your own garden. This is to confirm that with those others components, CVO has made to treat not malaria but corona virus (we have to wait to prove such evidence indeed).

First of all, IT IS NOT A VACCINE, it’s a medicine to prevent and treat Covid-19. Secondly, tests on potential vaccines has begun and already ongoing in many countries for many weeks now (Proved). Experts say that developing a vaccine for Covid-19 would take one year at the earliest. The solution is needed immediately. Any clinical trials of new medicines would take months if not years before it can be 100% proven safe and effective and can be distributed to the masses. But, we are not the first ones who have tried it. We are not the guinea pigs.

This is a Made in Madagascar product. The labels have the logo of IMRA and Ratsimamanga on it. IMRA is the Malagasy Institute of Applied scientific Research, founded since 1958 by Malagasy scientist and Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga. In 2012, it became Foundation Albert and Suzanne Rakoto Ratsimamanga. This institute has known through traditional and natural medicine and treatment. Do you think IMRA and Ratsimamanga would allow their name to be used and shouted in the media if they knew the treatment would kill people? No, come on… If the people of IMRA knew that the consequences were detrimental to people’s health and that they were forced to give the seal of approval, wouldn’t they have voiced it out already, not only to local but also to international media and organizations.

Risks: Killing people with this new treatment (probably but till now no one dies); The treatment simply does not have any health effects, positive or negative so it’s a waste of precious resources on the mass production and distribution. For proven evidence on malaria treatment (WHO report): Artemesinin should not be recommended to serve as a self-reliant supply of artemisinin in any form, including tea. Tea (likely COVID ORGANICS) should be under- dosed because artemisinin is poorly soluble in water and unstable at high temperatures. There is a low risk of the development of artemisinin resistant-parasites but for this virus we don’t know exactly.

This new treatment needs to pass a clinical trial (of course) before it can be made public. However, in this crisis, we have to make difficult decisions and act with a swift sense of urgency. Nevertheless, we don’t know exactly whether or not our local researchers have tweaked the Chinese formula to improve it. So that part was completely the work of our Malagasy scientists. Additionally, the world of scientific research just works in a collaborative manner. Researchers, whether they are Chinese, French, American or Malagasy build upon the work of each other.

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