CVO or Covid Organics / Malagasy Remedy and its political values

“His Excellency Malagasy president ANDRY RAJOELINA announced recently and officially CVO, a remedy discovered by Malagasy scientists represented by IMRA labels. Since 20th of April 2020, this remedy has complemented Malagasy’s routine especially those who have to work or study. The government through Health Ministry confirmed that many patients of Covid19 have been recovered and some are in treatment with this remedy. But, this remedy has shaken up national and international political settlement, let’s clarify.”

National opponent lose a battle

The Politic-Virus plaguing in Madagascar: The critiques are just angry political rants only because the opponents have not and are not doing anything to help and because they despise the government. They have no better argument than to suggest that this new treatment will be more detrimental to people.

In simpler terms, their underlining argument is that by providing this treatment to people, the government is intentionally trying to harm, or worse kill its people. They are accusing the government of intentionally attempting genocide. Who or what government in their right mind would ever wish or do that? The consequences would be a political suicide, maybe even prison for the entire government.

What have the opponents done to help in these times of crisis? Don’t simply say that this remedy will not work just because you did not discover it. Instead of bringing concrete solutions on the table the opponent just lash out on the media with your ignorant critiques.

International’s oppression through WHO

The entire world is watching, I assume that behind closed doors, the WHO, the UN and other foreign governments have been in talk with the Malagasy government before making such statements public. Given the interests and influence these foreign parties have on the country, the president wouldn’t even dare thinking about these statements if there’s no concrete evidence that this project can work. The implications on whether this cure works or not will not just impact Madagascar but the entire world. Thus, any statements that anyone makes regarding a covid-19 cure, especially as a Head of State, must be extremely cautious. Since the president was “allowed” to do that, there is something of interest here.

In response to the launch of Covid-Organics, the World Health Organization (WHO), in a statement copied to the BBC, said that there is “no evidence” at present that the Malagasy remedy can “prevent or cure” the coronavirus. The organisation reiterated the words of its head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that there were “no shortcuts” to finding an effective way to combat the coronavirus. International trials are underway to find an effective treatment, WHO added.

But, shouldn’t we therefore be surprised to see this organisation produce a press release to discredit the Malagasy president’s therapeutic protocol?

Renew or create diplomatic cooperation

This remedy CVO is a fight back strategy for Malagasy government. This is an opportunity to elevate Madagascar’s reputation especially for our local scientists and enhance our potential to develop new medicines in the future. In other words: Establishing Madagascar as a hub for medical research and development in Africa and the world. The label “Madagascar Vanilla” (amongst many other products) is all over the world. Now it’s time for “CVO or Covid Organics”.

CVO is showing is success in diplomacy especially with African countries. SE Andry Rajoelina: « It is Africa united and in solidarity that fights Covid 19.» (Twitter @SE_Rajoelina). Three presidents have already congratulated Madagascar for finding out this remedy: Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Bissau Guinea. This is a smooth diplomatic protocol in order to value Madagascar in the region. This is the first diplomatic impact of our CVO.

National political situation, its turning point especially post-crisis situation

Many events occurred behind the scene in which people may not see or will not pay attention. The health crisis became our first preoccupation but this crisis has showed different faces of social, economical and political issues. Mainly, social justice and inequality is the main factor for this political torment; do you know why? Malagasy people are used to link any situation to the government. Relatively, our president and politicians are “guilty” for the country’s fate. This is totally wrong and prevent self development and mind set.

The speeches can become ridiculous by boasting of having conceived this famous remedy. And such speech for the most part when H.E. the President often gets carried away in his speeches.

Several questions revolve around the funds provided by international organizations, namely the World Bank, the IMF, etc… We focus on this national pride; so the management on all those money will just get away from our attention. Corruption or misappropriation of funds have been possible without any transparency in the management of this crisis. In addition, the retorts coming mainly from the State power have highlighted its sovereignty.

The health crisis has accentuated the inequalities that have existed for several years in Malagasy society. Social injustice has become more than visible as well as the situation of the most vulnerable, who have often been sidelined for a long time. The measures taken in the fight against COVID will surely affect the legitimacy of power, especially as it has been personalized to one side, the President of the Republic. In other words, the repercussions will attack Andry Rajoelina much more than the government as a whole.

With the contribution of BBC Africa, Jeune Afrique, France 24 and RFI

Mihaja Rasoanaivo

Raha hizara hevitra


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